Scuba Charters

We put your divers on the best sites every time.

Chartering Kalinda is the cheapest way to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

16 of your divers for just $3500 a day* including 2 x FOC dive crew, tanks, weights, accommodation, 5 great meals and 4 incredible dives each day.

Townsville’s fantastic Outer Reefs and the world Famous SS Yongala Shipwreck**

Email to book dates now.

*minimum 2 days

**weather dependent site

Not part of a club or shop? Is it just you and your buddy? How do you get to come out on Kalinda to our fantastic sites?

Join us on our monthly Outer Reef & SS Yongala shipwreck 3 day weekend dive trip OR consider our world class Kalinda Far North Trip.
Email us for our next scheduled departure dates and prices.

– A well kept secret is that Townsville’s Outer reefs are visited by the Dwarf Minke Whales far more frequently than the Ribbon Reefs from Cairns. We are the only operator who visits (or even knows) these sites. You will need to book a minimum 3 day charter in June or July to catch these magnificent creatures. We cannot promise encounters with any creature.

– Humpback Whale encounters are common during the months of July, August and September. Unlike the Dwarf Mike Whales who love the crystal clear waters of the outer reefs, Humpback Whales are seen more at inshore sections of the Great Barrier Reef, often during your surface interval in between dives at sites like the SS Yongala Shipwreck and while cruising around Magnetic Island or the Palm Islands Group.